Can wall tiles be used as floor tiles?

You cannot use wall tiles as floor tiles simply because they are not strong enough. Wall tiles are generally ceramic and do not have the strength to be walked on. However, if the tiles are porcelain these can be used as either wall or floor tiles.

Is sealant necessary on natural stone tiles?

Yes, sealing your natural stone tiles is a must. Natural stone is very porous which means it can absorb bacteria, water and liquids used throughout your home. If you do not seal your stone tiles they will start to look "dirty" and lose their natural beauty as well as the possibility of harbouring bacteria. Porcelain 'stone look' tiles are a great alternative if you don't want the hassle of sealing your natural tiles every six months.

How can I see your tiles in person?

Here at Ivy Tile Company we understand that you can only see so much online; that's why we offer FREE tile samples so you can really get a feel for your tiles in person. This is a great way to gain perspective on the colour, texture and finish of the tile! Sample tiles are not designed to be installed, but to give you the chance to match with your paint swatches, fixtures and any other designs you may have.