Frequently Asked Questions

For tiles stocked in the UK, we aim to deliver within 3-5 days. However, for imported tiles, delivery can take between 4-6 weeks. To ensure clarity on delivery times for specific products, we advise checking the 'Delivery Times' tab on each product page. This will provide you with the exact timings for the tiles you're interested in.

Yes! We can offer international shipping for select brands. However, it's important to note that you'll be responsible for any import taxes and the cost of delivery from the port of your selected country to your doorstep. For a precise quote and more information on how to proceed, please get in touch with us.

As an online-only retailer, we don't operate a physical showroom. This approach allows us to offer a broad selection of tiles at competitive prices. We understand the importance of making informed decisions, so our customer service team is eager to answer any questions and help you select the perfect tiles for your project.

Of course, we are happy to accommodate sample requests on an individual basis. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs, and we'll do our utmost to assist you.

The 'import fee' you're noticing at checkout is specific to certain brands within our range of specially imported tiles. This fee of £45 applies to orders under 40m², helping to cover the costs of importing these unique selections directly for our customers. Not all our tiles carry this fee, so please check the product details for clarification.